Lake County Door Installs Chi Overhead Doors, Todco, Whiting, and Operators by Liftmaster and Genie.

We are honored to work with the following manufacturers.

Chi Overhead Doors – Chi Doors is a leading manufacturer of residential, commercial and steel roll overhead doors. Their commitment to quality craftsmanship allows them to brand themselves as “The Door to Quality”.

 Todco – Todco is the world leader in innovation of roll-up doors for building and vehicles. As a matter of fact, there are more Todco doors on the road today than any other brand.

 Whiting Door Manufacturing Corp. -< In operation for over 50 years, Whiting has been an innovator from the start. Their first order was for a man asking them to fit one of their garage doors for his truck and today their innovations have their doors on trucks across the globe.

Liftmaster – For over 100 years Liftmaster has exceeded customer expectations. They continue to innovate with the end user in mind, striving to provide the best quality, security and safety available in a door operator.

Genie – For over 61 years Genie has been a leader in door openers providing the latest technology and convenience.

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